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Learn Kotlin Using IntelliJ IDEA

As it is said, change in technology brings amazing things to give power to every human being on this planet. JET BRAINS now came up with a new IDE for Android development with amazing developer-friendly features like

1) Changing Themes

2) Smart completion

3) Data flow analysis

4) Detecting duplicates

5) And more.

The community edition is available for free to download in both Windows and Mac. Quickly download it here, to begin with our brand new Kotlin tutorial series.

Let's Do something

Launch IntelliJ Idea, Choose Do not import Settings, Create a new project, Choose Kotlin JVM, Select Project SDK at the top, Enter a project name, Finish.

Expand your project name, Select src, Right click and create New Kotlin File/Class with extension .kt

Enter a basic hello world program and run the program by selecting a main.kt file and Choose option Run mainkt

fun main(args: Array<String>) {
    println("Hello, World!")


Hello, World!


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