Android First App

Create your first Android Project

Following the basic steps to create an android project. We assume that , all the basic installation process of android studio is done from your side and you have an Android Studio IDE. So lets begin with it.

1) Start a new android project in Android studio startup window.

or if you have project opened, select File > New Project

2) Configure your Android Project

Enter Application Name and Company Domain.

3) Target Android Device

Keep the settings default and click Next.

4) Add an Activity to Mobile

Select Empty Activity and click Next.

5) Customize an Activity

Enter Activity Name usually given as MainActivity and click Next.

Finally, Android Studio appears like this

Make sure Project window is opened which contains app and Gradle Scripts. If not , you can open it by selecting View > Tools window > Project

Exploring Project Window

Expanding the app module you can see three different folders.

1) manifests



1) app > manifests > AndroidManifest.xml

The manifest file describes the fundamental characteristics of the app and defines each of its components.

2) app > java > codzify.com.firstandroidapp > MainActivity.java

This is the the entry point of your app. When your app starts this is the first file which will be executed. You can also change the entry point for your app in AndroidMainest.xml file. We will discuss it later.

3) app > res > layout > activity_main.xml

This file defines the UI(User Interface) of an Activity. UI means how your app is going to look like. There may be some labels, buttons , Layouts etc. We will explore it in later tutorials. By default, this file contains <TextView> with default text Hello World . You can view your design in two modes Design & Text .