C++ Copy Constructor

What are Copy Constructors ?

Copy Constructors , as a word says copy constructor of one object into another object of same type. Example, create object of one class . Create another object of same class and pass first object as a parameter to second object. Read carefully or see the example's main function to understand this statement.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
class Game
  int abc;
   Game(int a)
    abc = a;
    cout <<"Parameterised Constructor = " << a;


  Game(Game &pacManObjectInstance)
   cout <<"Copy Constructor is called and = "<<pacManObjectInstance.abc;


int main()
 Game sankeObject(2);                 // Creatig Game class's object
 Game pacmanObject (sankeObject);     // Passing snakeObject to pacmanObject as a Copy Constructor.     

Output :-

Parameterised Constructor = 2
Copy Constructor is called and = 2