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Types of Inheritance in C++ Programming -

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Types of Inheritance

There are various types of inheritance in C++ . You can derive your class in different ways as follows :

1) Single Level Inheritance :-

In this type of inheritance , only one class can be derived from base class.

2) Multi Level Inheritance :-

In this type of inheritance, one class is derived from base class and that derived class is a base class for another derived class. In this there can be multiple levels of Derived classes.

3) Hierarchical Inheritance

If multiple classes are derived from one base class then such type of inheritance is called as hierarchical inheritance.

4) Multiple Inheritance :-

If a single class is derived from multiple base classes then such type of inheriatnce is called as Multiple inheritance.

5) Hybrid Inheritance :-

This is mixed type of inheritance. It includes multilevel , multiple , hierarchical inheritance.

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