Google Magic Keywords

Posted on 28 Nov,2017 at 10pm IST

Everyone knows Google.com ? Today, you will experience the real magic of google with its magic keywords.

Open your browser in Desktop or in mobile . Search for Google.com website.

Click on right three dots to open a Desktop website if you are using mobile right now. If you are using Desktop right now then no problem.

Check the box Request Desktop site.

1) Type this in search box and press enter to see the magic :)

do a barrel roll

2) Type this in search box

atari breakout

Make sure you have selcted Images from tab menu . An Atari Game Breakout will start :)

3) Type this

Zerg rush

Play with the bubbles . Just click on those bubbles to see the magic.

4) Search for

tic tac toe

Google will present you with a game in which you can be "X" or "O," and adjust the difficulty between easy, medium, and impossible. Select All tab from tab options.

5) Open Google.com . Just type dont hit enter.

google gravity

After typing google gravity click on I am feeling lucky

Google will breaks down into parts . Drag them to throw here and there :)

6) Type this and enter

Google in 1998

UI will be converted into 1998 UI of google :)

Hope you all enjoyed the tricks. See you tomorrow at 10pm.