Python Programming

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Course Fees: ₹ 3200 ₹ 3800
Batch starting on: 15th July,2021

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Python Programming

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Course Benefits

If you are a beginner in Python Programming and looking for an expert mentor to take you from beginner to intermediate level, then you have just landed at the right place.

Course Fees:  ₹ 3200 ₹ 3800

Batch starting on 17th July 2021

Course Duration

25 sessions (Weekly 1 hour, 3 days session)

What you will learn?

    - Why to use Python?

    - Python IDE

    - Hello World Program in Python

    - Numbers and Math functions

    - Variables & Names

    - Lists, Tuples, and Dictionaries

    - List Comprehension

    - String Basics

    - Conditional Statements

    - Functions

    - Looping

    - File Handling

    - Class and Objects

    - Lambda, Filter, and Map

    - Packages

    - Debugging




1) How can I register for this course?

You can click on the Enroll Now button to pay for the batch. The payment is secured by Razorpay.

2) Do I need to pay the entire amount of 4 months for this course?

No. You can pay month by month flexibly.

3) Do we have doubt support in this program?


4) How do we conduct the batch?

Online Class. After the payment of the course, you will get the details of the batch on your registered mobile number and email address.

5) Is there any way we can contact for the queries?

You can contact us at the support email address, We usually reply in 5 mins.

6) Is there any refund policy?

Yes you will get 10 percent back if you leave before 3 classes of the first month. After that, there will be no refund.