iOS First App

Once you downloaded the Xcode everything is ready to start Programming. Lets Start the fun iWorld Programming . So Excited to start :)

Open Xcode Goto File > New >Project >Single View Application > Enter Project Name (eg :- FirstProjectViewController) > Done.

Now you see two files on left navigation Menu of Xcode , ViewController.h and ViewController.m and screen like this...

For now just know that you have to write the code in

-(void)viewDidLoad  method

-(void) viewDidLoad() is the method where initial setup is being done.All the initialisation of Variables , Arrays , Dictionaries , Table Views is done here. We will see all the details in View Life Cycle Tutorial.

So Let's start with first Program.


   /* NSLog is used to print the Logs as i discussed in Objective-C Tutorials. Please go through the tutorials of Objective-C otherwise it will be difficult for you to understand iOS tutorials. */

  NSLog(@"Welcome to iOS Programming . . !");


Welcome to iOS Programming . . !