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Approach to Learn

There is always a perspective to learn things from scratch. The one you pick up at the start will become the mindset in the entire duration of life.

So, we first thought to write some basic tutorials which will guide you through entire concepts of Swift and iOS. Then we thought it's gonna so boring to learn this amazing technology.

So we create One App which will cover the entire concepts in addition to some practical experience on how to do things.


The very first thing you need to get started with iOS App Development is to create a developer account, Visit Accounts Tab on top after visiting the Apple Developers page, set up your Apple Id and Download Xcode. This is all you need to do at the beginning.

Do we create any Special App?

We are going to create a To-Do List App which will maintain the list of your work. To-Do List App is where you list down your daily tasks and which helps you manage your daily tasks. If you want to repeat the same tasks for particular weekdays or add some tasks on a specific day, then the app will allow you to do the things flexible.

We will learn about the reminders, local notifications, push notifications, silent notifications, how to make the project live and much more as we discuss in this step by step series.

Solve the Quiz of Article

1) Is Xcode a developer Environment where we will write our Swift Code of App?

2) What do you think our To-Do List App requires some database to store our daily activities?

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