Unlock learning opportunities with our expert-led online coding courses. Real-time doubt solving in an online coding class is also available.

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Go beyond the basics

1. Pick a project

Tell us about the product you always wanted to build. Be it an E-commerce app for your family business or progress tracker for your exam.

2. Do what it takes

Learn, Build, Deploy, Get Feedback and Repeat. We will support you at each and every stage while you work hard to convert your idea into a product.

3. Launch the product

Deploy your product on different platforms and get feedback from real users. We will teach you how to do SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads and Google Analytics that will 20x your chances of success.

4. Generate revenue

Attract top recruiters or start charging money for your offerings. Get email templates, networking and funnel generation tips from our experts.

We're in this together

Dedicated Mentor

You will have a dedicated mentor from day 1. Get in touch with them for anything you need.

Study at your own pace

Get the complete roadmap, per-recorded videos and all the resources you need. Never feel lost again.

Get your doubts solved every Saturday

Got a doubt? No worry. Just reach out to your mentor and schedule a call. You can also join the live session every Saturday to clear your doubts.

Discuss in the community of Coders!

Everyone at codzify is goal-oriented. This gives you the opportunity to interact with like-minded developers and discuss your ideas with them.

Self-paced Courses

Learn to build SaaS Products

This course will teach you How to create the SaaS products from scratch and deploy it on the Internet.

999 1999 /month


Programming for Absolute Beginners

This course will teach you the How to code with the help of Programming languages like Python, C+ and C.

799 999 /month


Searching & Sorting Algorithms In DSA

This mini course will teach you the how to code Searching and Sorting Algorithms in Data Structures & Algorithms.

499 799 /month


Graph Based DSA

No prerequisite in Coding is Required

499 799 /month

Coming Soon

Greedy Algorithms in DSA

499 799 /month

Coming Soon

Zoom-in to the topic
of Linked List DSA

499 799 /month

Coming Soon

Zoom-in to the topic
of Matrices in DSA

499 799 /month

Coming Soon

Zoom-in to the topic
of Recursion in DSA

499 799 /month

Coming Soon

What students are saying about us?

We taught many young professionals as well as the students from secondary schools.

A Ankita Singhai

"I am taking data science course at Codzify since past 4 months. He keeps his lessons effective, engaging and crisp. Also, we receive career guidance and advisement on the same platform in line with data science. Its a great experience to learn data science at Codzify backed by IITian approach and techniques of learning."

A Aishwarya Thakur

"I have joined codzify to get a career transition into most boomed technology of 20s 'Data science'. I have been learning ML since couple of months now. I am totally impressed by the quality of content and concepts explained in codzify. I recommend to opt courses at codzify"

T Tanish Tejaswi M S

"It is a great experience in Codzify. We learn to program with hands-on experience. We develop website designs such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc for better understanding. Our doubts are cleared very well with examples from Manish sir. It is an amazing way of learning to program with Codzify"

M Mrunmayee Borgaonkar

"I am doing data science course at Codzify. Teachers here are very knowledgeable and each student gets personal attention. It is overall very nice experience to learn with Codzify."

M Mayank Malviya

"After taking a Machine Learning course at Codzify, I feel being opened up to the world of possibilities and expanded horizon. Professionally, what seemed far fetched now seems possible. The in-depth sessions at Codzify have given me confidence to code in Python and solve complex Machine Learning problems. The ability of the tutors to understand “What will be difficult for students to comprehend” is really appreciable. I would definitely recommend learning with Codzify mentors. The hunger to teach is enviable here. "

B Banmeet Singh Arneja

"I am experiencing personal level attention which is not only helping me to put my thoughts in the right direction but also helps me to question the logic behind the code. I am having a great experience with Manish sir who is very gentle as I am always awaiting my next class with him."

D Dhairya Kukreja

"I can now create the Web Pages like Google, Facebook. Currently learning the advanced things of the web development course with Manish sir. I can refer the recorded videos at any time along with the live classes. I enjoy connecting with the technology here. "

A Aarush Methani

"I want to explore more about the Website and especially the database part. I have created my first Webpage design using HTML and CSS. Really enjoyed. Bootstrap is the next thing I am learning with Manish Sir."

Offer you should not miss!

Roadmap to Programming Languages

799 1999 /month

Course Duration: 3 Months.

Mode of Learning: You will get Weekly 3 recorded videos on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Live Doubt Sessions: Every Saturday 1 hour, you can opt-for live doubt session if required.

Practical Assignments: Daily practical Assignments to do based on the concepts you learnt in the class.

Things you'll learn: C, C++, Python Programming languages.

Learn More

Roadmap to become skilled Full Stack Web Developer

999 1999 /month

Course Duration: 4 Months.

Mode of Learning: You will get Weekly 3 recorded videos on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Live Doubt Sessions: Every Saturday 1 hour, you can opt-for live doubt session if required.

Things you'll learn: Angular, HTML, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap 5, Server Side Scripting, Google backed Firebase, Authentication, Payment Methods & more.

Learn More