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Looking to learn how to create the production-ready apps
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FlutterFlow Course from Basic to Advanced

Learn how to create Web and Mobile Apps without Coding using FlutterFlow.


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Flutter App Development Course for Beginners

In this Course we will create a Student Learning App using Flutter. You will get to learn the Fundamentals of Flutter in this Course.


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Full Stack Web Development using Angular

In this Course we will create a Student Learning Dashboard using Angular. You will get to learn the Fundamentals of Angular in this Course.


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Next.Js Tutorials

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Fundamentals of Computer Programming Languages

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Learn HTML, CSS & Bootstrap from Scratch

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Test your skills with these
Curated Mock Tests

C Programming Test

Test your C Programming skills with this comprehensive mock test on C Programming.

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Flutter Test

Solve most asked Interview Questions on Flutter and Test your foundational skills in flutter.

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GATE(CSE) Operating Systems

Solve most asked GATE Questions in Operating Systems and test your Gate Score.

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This is a mock test designed to help you assess your knowledge and skills in HTML and CSS.

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(GATE CSE) Data Structures & Algorithms Test

Solve most asked GATE Questions in Data Structures and Algorithms and test your Gate Score.

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What learners are saying about us?

We taught many young professionals as well as the students from secondary schools.

R Raj S

"I highly recommend this FlutterFlow course on creating a dating app; it was easy to follow, incredibly helpful for beginners, and allowed me to create a functional app quickly."

N Nitesh

" The instructor does a great job of explaining Flutter concepts and widgets in a clear, easy to understand manner. The course structure is well organized, starting with basics and slowly building up to more advanced topics. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning Flutter framework from the ground up. The instructor's teaching style and pacing is perfect for beginners new to mobile app development."

T Tanish Tejaswi M S

"It is a great experience in Codzify. We learn to program with hands-on experience. We develop website designs such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc for better understanding. Our doubts are cleared very well with examples from Manish sir. It is an amazing way of learning to program with Codzify"

B Bhavna

"Taking this FlutterFlow course on creating a dating app without coding was a game-changer for me! The lessons were clear and simple, and I was able to build my own app in no time, even as a complete beginner."

D Dhairya Kukreja

"I can now create the Web Pages like Google, Facebook. Currently learning the advanced things of the web development course with Manish sir. I can refer the recorded videos at any time along with the live classes. I enjoy connecting with the technology here. "

A Aarush Methani

"I want to explore more about the Website and especially the database part. I have created my first Webpage design using HTML and CSS. Really enjoyed. Bootstrap is the next thing I am learning with Manish Sir."

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