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Place for the smart kids to learn how to Code with the personalised experience and the practical challenges. We have started our Coding for Kids initiative this year. Register to know more.

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For Engineers

Place for smart engineers who believe in learning their semester subjects along with the industry level Coding courses from the comfort of their home and who believe in saving time.

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What we have
covered ?

Get your syllabus covered. Everything for kids from Class 5 to Class 12th and the Subjects of Engineering Students.

  • ✓ All Subjects of Class 5 to Class 10th covered
  • ✓ Data Structures, DBMS and more.
  • ✓ Beginners Programming Bootcamp (C,C++,Java, Python)
  • ✓ Web Development Bootcamp (Basic & Advanced)
  • ✓ Python & AI Bootcamp
  • ✓ Mobile App Development Bootcamp
  • ✓ & More

What do students feel while learning at Codzify?

Real Time Web Editor

Practice and create web pages with HTML, CSS and Javscript in real time editor.

✓ HTML ✓ CSS ✓ Javascript ✓ Bootstrap ✓ Jquery

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Compiler IDE

Practice your favourite programming language live with the online compiler.

✓ C ✓ C++ ✓ Python

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Shots & News

Watch the week shots and news regarding new

  • ✓ Technologies
  • ✓ Startups
  • ✓ Mind Stories
  • ✓ Personality Development
  • ✓ & more.
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Battles & Contests

The space of competitive people & challenges

  • ✓ Earn Gold Coins
  • ✓ Learn more about the benefits of Gold Coins
  • ✓ Build virtual money & more
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Codzify Studio Suite

Empower your learning and teaching skills with the powerful tools.

  • ✓ Sketch your vision (Imagine, Draw & Share)
  • ✓ Record Lectures and Teach
  • ✓ HTML, CSS & Javascript Editor
  • ✓ Coding Compiler Online
  • ✓ Engineering Calculator
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