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Features of Swift over Objective-C

1 min 36 sec read

Swift is a new programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS app development. Swift programming language is really best invention for programming lovers.

Features of Swift over Objective-C

1) Swift introduces advanced types not found in Objective-C, such as Tuples. We will cover the concepts in upcoming articles.

2) Swift also introduces optional types, which handle the absence of a value. Optionals say either "there is a value, and it equals x" or “there isn't a value at all".

3) Swift is a type-safe language, which means the language helps you to be clear about the types of values your code can work with.

Swift Environment

Xcode is an development environment which is used to create iOS Apps. You can download Xcode from official link of Apple Developers site.

In next tutorial, you will learn how to run your first Hello World program in Swift Playground.

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