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Switch Statements in C++ Programming

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What is Switch Statement ?

The control statement that allows us to make a decision from the number of choices is called a switch, or more correctly a switch- case-default, since these three keywords go together to make up the control statement.

Generic Syntax of switch-case Statements :-

switch expression
   case expression1  :
      break;     /* optional */
   case expression2  :
      break;     /* optional */
   default : /* Optional */

switch statements can accepts 'integer constants' or 'Character variables'.

What happens during the execution of switch statements ?

Firstly , expression under switch keyword inside parenthesis is evaluated .Then each case is evaluated one by one unless and until match is found. If no match is found , default case is being executed.


/* Copyright @codzify 2017 */
using namespace std;
int main ()
    int i = 1;
    switch ( i )
        case 1 :
            printf ( "I am in case 1 
" ) ;
        case 2 :
            printf ( "I am in case 2 
" ) ;
        case 3 :
            printf ( "I am in case 3 
" ) ;
        default :
            printf ( "I am in default 
" ) ;
    return 0;


I am in case 1

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