These are the 13 most in-demand Coding Skills for 2024 Global Tech Jobs

Article by: Manish Methani

Last Updated: December 11, 2023 at 1:54am IST
3 min 13 sec read

In today's tech world, knowing how to code opens up loads of awesome job opportunities. It's not just about writing code; it's about mastering certain computer languages and ways of building things that can get you into cool tech jobs. Here are 10 of these super important coding skills that companies really want:


  1. Python Skills: This language is known for being simple and can be used for things like making websites, AI, and crunching big data.

  2. Java Knowledge: It's used in lots of different areas and is super important for making Android apps and big business systems.

  3. JavaScript Magic: If you want to make websites do cool things, you'll need to know this language. It's basically the boss of web development.

  4. SQL: This skill helps manage and work with really big databases. If you like handling lots of data, this one's important.

  5. C# Skills: It's key for making software for Windows, games, and big business programs. Companies really like people who know C#.

  6. Ruby on Rails: Startups love this one because it helps make big websites really fast. It's known for being elegant and quick.

  7. Swift Moves: If you're into making apps for iPhones, this language is a must-have. Mobile apps are huge right now, so this skill is in demand.

  8. Kotlin Knowledge: Google likes this language for making Android apps. It's good because it's easy to use with another popular language called Java.

  9. C++ Expertise: This one's for making serious software like system programs and games. It's a bit more complex but really powerful.

  10. Go Language Skills: It's getting popular for things like cloud computing and handling lots of information at once.

On top of these, there are three more important things you might want to know:

  • Angular: It helps make cool websites and apps that work really smoothly. You can check out my Angular Course on Udemy
  • Flutter: This lets you make apps for lots of different devices all at once from just one set of code. You can check out my Flutter Course in Hindi on Udemy 
  • DevOps: It's about working together to make sure the software we build works really well.

Learning these skills isn't just about writing code. It's about solving problems, being creative, and making cool things that change the world of tech. These skills are like the secret sauce for tech pros everywhere.

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