WhatsApp Adds Cool New Text Tools: Your Chats Just Got Cooler!

Article by: Manish Methani

Last Updated: November 14, 2023 at 2:04pm IST
2 min 35 sec

Get ready for a chat makeover! WhatsApp, the big messaging app by Meta, just brought in some fun new ways to play with your texts on the web. Your messages are in for a cool upgrade!



Exciting Features Unveiled:


  • Code Block Brilliance: Software whizzes, rejoice! Share your code snippets seamlessly with the Code Block tool. Just wrap your text with backticks (`) for a clean and stylish presentation.

    Example: `console.log("Hello, World!");`

  • Quoting Refined: Responding to specific messages gets a makeover with the Quote Block. Simply add a ">" before the text you want to quote.

    Example: > Can't wait for the weekend plans!

  • List Perfection: Organize your thoughts effortlessly with Lists. Use "*", "-", or numbers to create ordered lists.

    Example: 1. Pick up groceries 2. Hit the gym 3. Movie night!

Beta Success and User-Friendly Appeal:

Following successful beta testing, these features are now making their way to the wider user base. Whether you're a coding pro or just love an organized chat, these tools are designed for everyone.

Sample Messages to Spark Your Creativity:

  1. Code Block in Action:

    • You: Hey, check out this cool JavaScript trick!
    • Code Block: `function greet(name) { return `Hello, ${name}!`; }`
  2. Quoting Fun:

    • Friend: Remember last summer's epic road trip?
    • You: Sure do! > That sunset at the beach was magical.
  3. List Love:

    • To-Do List: * Grocery shopping * Finish report * Call mom

User Experience Enhancement:

These tools promise to make your chats more dynamic and visually appealing. Whether it's casual banter or serious discussions, the new formatting options add that extra flair to your messages.

What's Next:

Currently delighting WhatsApp Web beta testers, these features are gearing up for a broader rollout. Get ready to unleash your creativity and chat in style!

Don't Miss Out:
Stay tuned for the latest updates, because your WhatsApp chats are about to become the talk of the town! 🌟

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